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7/16/2014 11:33:10 PM

Capabilities of a Precision Machining Company

A leading precision machining company has a variety of capabilities, from professional human capital through technology and advanced mechanics to meeting tight deadlines and quality standards. When choosing a precision machining company, it is important to ascertain that the company meets the high standards required for manufacturing a variety of components, from cutting to finishing.

Here come the sophisticated precision machines with their advanced mechanic capabilities.
Here are some important capabilities that every respectable precision machining company must have, in order to be capable of providing you with the best component possible.

Multifunction machines

Always consider technological advance of a machining company’s logistic center. It is highly important to examine the center’s manufacturing capabilities, and the available machinery, such as machine centers of at least 4- or 5-axis, or engraving machines, which include milling-engraving with a Y-axis, precise wire-cutting. From automatic machines that operate according to sophisticated and complex programs to manual machines designed for manufacturing components which require a precise human touch. Also, it is essential to check machinery toolpaths, for example, milling up to 700 mm length and engraving up to 350 mm diameter.

The machines today are sophisticated to the level that they can:

automatically detect an overload of large-size chip, and alter the toolpaths accordingly, cancel any sudden toolpaths, round corners while maintaining a proper angle, work at high speeds while maintaining uniformity, etc.

capabilities which guarantee especially high quality of manufacture.

Ability to Work with Hard Materials

Professional logistics centers offering precision machining services often work with a variety of materials. Examine those materials, for example, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, etc. Working with relatively hard materials requires advanced machines that are capable of working adeptly with the desired material.

Precise Execution of Planning to Detail

When characterizing the work with the machining logistics center, it is essential to ascertain that the plans reach a precision of thousandth of a millimeter, to prevent exceptions. The plant should execute the plans ones they are received; therefore, it is crucial to assure that the company has everything required to meet the highest standards, including multifunction machines and skilled workers who can carefully monitor the work and ensure continuous and proper toolpaths, while maintaining uniform quality, from level of hardness, through orientation of fibers ,to surface.

Possible Amount of Manufacturing

When choosing a precision machining company, it is essential to express your expectation regarding manufacturing quality, as well as quantity; can the company meet the bulk? At what time duration? Leading, technologically progressed companies with skilled and experienced employees can meet the bulk of large quantities, as well as the requirement for high quality, while supplying the product in a relatively tight time schedule.

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