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Quality Requirements Appendix

Appendix A - Specific Quality Standards for Suppliers


1.1    Client - Karmor
1.2    Supplier – supplier/subcontractor of products/services ordered by the client.

General Requirements:

2.1 Quality Management System
2.1.1    The supplier shall maintain a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001-2008 / AS9100C
2.1.2    Regarding products designed for aerospace clients, the supplier shall meet the requirements specified in this appendix.

2.2 Marking
2.2.1   Components shall be marked as required in the drawing or specifications and in accordance with the applicable standard.
2.2.2   Certification of Exception:
2.2.3   A supplier who is interested in a Certification of Exception must apply in writing. The request will be considered and approved by the client, and signed by the quality control manager. No exceptions will be approved without a confirmation signed by the client.

2.3 Packaging, Transportation and Prevention of Foreign Bodies
2.3.1   The supplier will avoid any damage to the product during transportation, production and storage.
2.3.2    Components will be packaged in a manner that prevents corrosion and mechanical damage..
2.3.3    Components will be packaged in a manner that allows components quick and certain counting by the client.
2.3.4    A label will be attached on each package, indicating the nature of the product, name of supplier and the exact number of components in the package.
2.3.5    Each shipment will be attached with audit reports, invoice containing the order ID number, SKU and edition, at least.
2.3.6    Before packaging products or implementing process, products will be tested for detection and prevention of foreign FOD bodies
2.3.7    If packaging specifications has been defined by the final client, the components will be packaged according to the client’s specifications.

2.4 Traceability
2.4.1    If not otherwise indicated, the components/materials will be indicated by the number of components and include traceability for the portion of raw material.
2.4.2    Products or materials will be provided from a single portion of raw material. In case materials/products are supplied from different portions - packaging and accompanying documentation shall be separated.

2.5 Sample Review
2.5.1    In case that a final audit sampling method is not defined by the client, it shall be set by Squelia, desired level of quality 2.5%
2.5.2    In any case, the sampling method, shall be based on a received number 0 (c=0)

2.6 Entering the Supplier’s Site
2.6.1   The supplier undertakes to give permissions to the client’s authorized staff and/or representatives and/or government officials, enter the building, and provide information related to client’s orders. Client undertakes to coordinate visits with the supplier.

2.7 Corrective Action
2.7.1    In the event of an exception in Karmor or the client, a fault report shall be sent to the supplier. This report shall be filled-out properly and include a proof that a preventive action has been performed (in order to prevent a recurring exception).
2.7.2    The signed report shall be returned to the client within 10 working days at most.

2.8 Records
2.8.1   The record retention period is seven years, unless there is other requirement as part of the order or the final client.
2.9    After the record retention period - the client’s approval shall be received prior to disposal of records.

2.10 Requirement Thread for Subcontracting
2.10.1    The work ordered shall be performed by the supplier. No work shall be transferred to the subcontracting without a prior approval of the client’s quality manager.
2.10.2    The supplier is responsible to deliver subcontractors the quality requirements relevant for the supplier/ subcontractor.

2.11 Clients’ Quality Requirements
2.11.1    Specific quality requirements for final client are valid for the order of the following clients:    Rafael: special quality assurance requirements for an order: 93.00.63    Critical items and key characterizations specified in drawings/specifications will be kept in accordance with client’s requirements and added to the final purchase order.

Special Quality Requirements Depending on the Item/Technology

3.1  Mechanical Items
3.1.1    Audit Report – first component - FAI    This report shall be accompanied by a portion of models provided for client’s approval before beginning any serial manufacturing. The report reflects the findings of the above models, and the performance levels of the serial manufacturing. The report will include all the manufactured parameters, measurement means and results and series sampling plan.    The reports must be submitted on either client’s forms or supplier’s FAI forms (in case the supplier is AS9100-certified)    Means of measurement should be indicated in the report - actual value measured shall be indicated in the report.    No changes to the manufacturing process or product shall be performed without the prior written permission from the client’s quality manager, after first product has been approved.    Work shall not be delivered to a third party without the client's written approval.    Complementary processes shall be performed in compliance with the requirements of section 3.3

3.2 Raw Materials
3.2.1    Raw Material Certification: C.O.A aerospace raw material certification shall be sent from a Western source that meets the order’s requirements.
3.2.2    For materials designed to Rafael, IAI or Elbit, original validation certificates should be sent to the final client.
3.2.3    Materials for aerospace clients without original validation certificates will be approved by the client prior to shipping.
3.2.4    The supplier shall provide periodic validation of the raw materials supplied as part of the order. If necessary, the supplier shall provide the client with the required documentation.
3.2.5    The raw material shall be supplied from a single melting portion.

3.3 Special Processes
3.3.1   The process shall be performed only by contractors approved by the client.
3.3.2   Although the work is performed by subcontractors approved by the client, the responsibility for product quality, tests and documents is on the supplier.
3.3.3   If required by the final client, related test samples shall be provided with the components.
3.3.4   if necessary, and in accordance with the requirements of the client, the drafting, the applicable specification or the final client, either Hydrogen Embrittlement process Thermal Treatment process shall be carried out.  Treatment Report and Graph shall be provided with the components.

3.4 Hardware
3.4.1    Hardware shall be supplied with a certificate of compliance that meets the order’s requirements. The report shall include details on the manufacturer and the number of hardware portion.
3.4.2    Hardware shall be provided from a single manufacturing portion and a single manufacturer.
3.4.3    Hardware designed for Rafael shall be provided in accordance with the requirements of PSF93.86.63.00

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