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List of Board Members

  • Ori Zer, Founder, CEO

    Born in 1966. Already in his early days, Ori acknowledged his dominant technical skills, compared to other kids his age. Ori was exposed to the field as early as high school (“Ort Holon”), and began to work night shifts, while studying. In addition, he discovered his main hobby, in which he is engaged up to the present day: the building and flying of model aircrafts.

    After a relatively short period, Uri had a determination to build a factory, and so he did: in 1993 he established the factory named after his children, Karmit and Mor. The factory started out with two conventional machine centerss, and slowly evolved. In the beginning, the main focus was on producing plastic injection molds, but since 2007, we are engaged in precision machining. In addition, the factory went through a considerable change, following the transition in the blend of machines and employees.

  • Orly Zer, Owner and financial officer

    Orly, Ori’s wife, born in 1967 and met Uri during high school days at "ORT" Holon. They have stayed together ever since.

    Orly’s major responsibility is current work with customers on everything related to orders, collections, as well as ongoing office operations. Orly is also in charge of both office and phone customer service and the ongoing logistic management.

  • Dafna Levi-Zer, Quality Assurance Manager and Production Planning and Control

    Dafna, born in 1978 is Ori’s sister. Dafna has a BA degree in Multidisciplinary Design from "Technical Teaching College" (a branch of the “College of Management”).

    Dafna started out in 2000, implementing and instilling the quality and ISO matters in the factory. Today, her main role is everything related to Production Planning and Control (PP&C), that is, dealing with suppliers and customers and managing the shop floor. Dafna has a considerable knowledge using "Kitron" – an ERP software designed for ongoing structured shop floor management.

    In addition, Dafna is in charge of quality assurance and is working in full cooperation with our general quality control, to ensure that the processes necessary for the system are realized and maintained; they are both obliged to update the CEO on the quality system performance and any need for improvement.

  • Mor Zer, Factory manager

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