Manufacturing CapabilitiesIntroducing the capabilities of Karmor Technologies, a precision machining company with iso 9001

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Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Advanced and Modern Equipment

    Karmor Technologies operates production and operation complex with machines that are the cutting edge of precision machining, and meet the most stringent standards. In each department there is a number of machines, which were carefully selected and are well-maintained, to allow best and highest quality result, in the safest manner possible. The milling department has 4- and 5-axis machine centers; the engraving department has Y-spindle milling engravers; the erosion department has electric discharge machines that perform accurate wire cutting, and; the conventional department has manual mechanical machines for manufacturing custom models.

  • Manufacturing Flexibility

    Karmor Technologies gives personal attention to each client and is building a production plan tailored for every need, upon request. The advanced equipment enables most precise manufacturing. The Company is engaged in individual works, as well as in more massive production of complex products, where each product meets the highest standards.

  • Efficiency and Speed

    Karmor specializes in fast production, while maintaining precision and quality, meeting tight schedules, in order to meet goals.

  • Quality without Compromise

    Thanks to the advanced equipment and to our skilled and professional employees, who have extensive experience in the field of precision machining, we can manufacture at the highest level, with close supervision and strict quality control, so you will receive the highest quality finished product.

  • Accompanying the Process

    Karmor Technologies provides a comprehensive solution for your project and accompany you, step-by-step, in the manufacturing process, from characterization to product delivery, directly to your desired destination.

  • Working with the best suppliers and manufacturers in the market

    Karmor Technologies carefully select suppliers of high-quality materials, so we can accommodate you with the requested materials for manufacture within the specific budget and product. All materials used by us the in manufacturing processes go through rigorous quality control.


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