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  • Our Departments?

    Karmor has several processing departments as follows: milling, engraving, erosion – wire-cutting and sputtering, conventional assembling, CNC design and auditing.

  • Which raw materials do we work with?

    We know how to process all types of metals, ranging from soft metals such as aluminum to harder metals such as steel, stainless steel and inconel, including plastic. It is important to note that all the raw materials are COC-certificate by the provider.

  • What are our processing movements?

    Machine centerss have processing movements of 700 mm in length, while engraving machines have processing movements of 400 mm in diameter.

  • What is the maximum cutting height for erosion?

    The maximum cutting height for erosion is 200 mm.

  • Do you provide a TURN KEY?

    Yes, we do.

  • What are Karmor Technologies’ delivery times?

    Karmor makes every effort to meet reduce delivery times, but of course delivery times depend on various work processes, including those that are carried out by outside contractors. Thus, we conduct a risk management survey designed to ensure compliance with the deadlines.

  • What do we need before embarking on a new project?

    Files have to be submitted to Karmor. We may schedule a meeting for project characterization and work order.

  • What types of files should be submitted in order to begin a project?

    In most cases, we provide a drafting, as well as three-dimensional file. You may of course send two-dimensional drawing and the Design Department will implement and plan the three-dimensional part, in the following formats: PDF, SAP, STP, STEP, XT, and SAT.

  • Which types of industries is Karmor Technologies engaged with?

    Over the years we have learned from our own experience in the world of precision machining in general and in the specific departments in particular. Therefore, we have set the goal to be at the forefront of technology and mainly produce complex parts for the medical, aviation and high-tech industries.

  • Do you provide service nationwide?

    Yes, Karmor Technologies offers shipping services nationwide

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