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7/1/2014 12:44:50 AM

How to Select a Quality Precision Machining Company

The precision machining process must be performed in a most precise manner, to meet the client's specific needs for that project.
Speed, efficiency and professionalism are among the most essential parameters for selecting machining company, for a guaranteed best work.
Here are some tips and recommendations for finding a good quality machining company. Remember that this is a process where there is no room for compromise, and therefore, always choose the best.

Experience in Machining - Long-Term Excellency

Experience of a precision machining company has a great importance. Precision machining skill is an acquired skill which is constantly improved over the years while adapting to current trends and popular manufacturing processes in the industry; therefore, only skilled workers with extensive experience in working with the machines and manufacturing processes will be capable of meeting the professional requirements.
Tip: Check the company’s standards and, as well as the logistic stuff, the company's clients, industries in which it is involved, and so on.

Advanced Equipment in the Field - Innovation is the Keyword

It is recommended to choose a machining company which has an advanced and sophisticated factory / logistics center with modern machining equipment. Using advanced equipment that matches the field’s requirements allows for varied and effective machining methods, such as engraving, milling, drilling and sawing a variety of materials, such as bronze, brass, wood, MDF, steel, aluminum and more.

Always prefer logistics center with a number of machines that work simultaneously and can produce a larger quantity of applications on-demand.
It is also important to check whether the selected precision machining company owns advanced machines that can perform, for example, 4-5-axis machine centers and Y-axis engraving and lathing. High quality professional company is capable of providing complex solutions with maximum flexibility.

Receiving a Range of Services under One Roof

When contacting a machining company or a logistics center, it is important to ascertain that you receive a comprehensive response to your business needs, ranging from manufacturing individual products to series of products.
It is essential to assure that the selected precision machining offers, among others, planning and advice in precision machining development, precise product engineering following the detailed instructions, guidance along the way and process - from characterization (e.g. of the prototype) through the development, production and assembly, to shipping.
It is highly important to have all of the required services offered in one place, so you do not have to work separately with several parties, thus wasting valuable time and energy on integrating between them.

Also, check the quality assurance offered by the company, whether the equipment meets the most stringent standards in the industry and whether the company finishes the product completely and provides forwarding services to the client upon request.
You may ask the contact the company to deliver you contact information of references to ensure reliability.
When selecting a precision machining company, it is important to visit its logistics center, in order to see how things are run in practice and get to know the person with whom you are going to work on the project.

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