Karmor Technologies Quality and Certification Karmor Technologies was certified for AS9100:C
Karmor Technologies Electro-erosion department Karmor has an Electro-erosion department which includes wire cutting machines and EDM
Karmor Technologies Plant Staff The plant staff is composed of highly experienced engineers, planners, PP&C and quality assurance persons
Karmor Technologies Machines and Products We have a wide range of machines and technologies, such as: 5-axis machine centers, MTM machine, engraving machine with a sub spindle and Electro-erosion machine which address the manufacture of complex and precise products.
Complex parts in special photography 360 degree parts Optimizing the production capabilities of Karmor Technologies A new department was opened on the site for complex parts in 360 degree photography
Karmor Technologies Medical equipment Karmor Technologies was certified for ISO 13485:2016

Karmor technology Ltd principal activity is manufacturing, planning and mechanical assembling. The company's specialize at Precision Machining – milling, engraving and electro erosion (wire cutting and sputtering) in CNC, mechanical design and engineering, as well as manufacturing and assembling according to specifications for precise mechanical projects.

Karmor Technologies holds the following standards: ISO 9001: 2008 and the aerospace standard AS 9100:C:2009
  • Meeting Schedules

    The value of expertise requires us to be the best professionals in the field in which Karmor Technologies is engaged. To this end, we strive to be at the forefront of technology and frequently learn, innovate, acquire knowledge and develop technological capabilities in order to achieve the Company’s goals and objectives with the highest standard possible.

  • Reliability as a Service

    Karmor, with its 20-year experience in the market, has set a goal to serve with complete reliability and full transparency throughout the project, from conducting contract survey to supplying products to the customer.

  • Uncompromising Professionalism

    By setting goals and objectives for each and every project, understanding the major milestones and performing a risk survey, we are able to maintain compliance with staying in schedule and delivery times to customers.

Why Choose Karmor Technologies?

  • Excellence in technology and providing solutions achieved through production technologies, technical outlook and experience.
  • Being attentive to the demands and requests of our customers and doing all in our power to win their satisfaction.
  • We have raised the banner of "Quality Without Compromise".
  • Meeting schedules and delivery times.
  • Wide experience of over 20 years in precision machining.
  • The reputation and market valuation speak for themselves.

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